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I am in the market for a home. My third home. Not third in total quantity, but third in consecutive order.  My previous homes have taught me well what I like (hard wood floors) and dislike (tired carpet) and what I want (small amount of green space) and don't want (time consuming lawn).  My distractions include sketching floor plans and kitchen remodels, reading design blogs, pinning images, touring properties, stalking MLS, discovering new shades of gray (yes, they exist!) and ridding myself of old ideas to embrace a new aesthetic.  This time it will be different!  I WON'T remodel after ten years only to put the property on the market. I won't tolerate an unfinished kitchen or bad woodwork or wonky function.  I WON'T!  I WON'T!  I WON'T! I mean it this time!!  

A friend who is a realtor shared a story of his go-to inspector.  Overly cautious, particular, detailed and meticulous in his day job as housing and TIS inspector, his own home is a study in unfinished projects.  A bathroom remodel started over a dozen years ago sits inert, nearly non-functioning and missing it's door.  I was aplomb.  My thought bubble  "I will never be like that!"  but all judgment and pettiness aside, I will probably be just like that.  Because I am an eighty percent-er.  I will take a project to 80, 85, maybe 93% and then I'm off to the next shiny object.  I'll keep the 7% work-in-progress on a ever-rotating punch list but I'd be lying to myself if I honestly believe I'm going to install that bathroom door any sooner than twelve years.